DEKRA Group in Poland

DEKRA Group in Poland is a part of the international DEKRA SE Group – the global leader in safety. DEKRA have operated on the Polish market for more than 20 years, providing comprehensive services for industrial, construction and automotive industry.

Global know-how, modern laboratories as well as the knowledge and experience of our experts allow us to provide the highest quality services for our customers:

  • Audits of inside and outside processes in the company,
  • Compliance audits according to standards (also according to the customer’s own requirements), legal requirements and laws (e.g. GDPR compliance),
  • Suppliers’ audits covering processes, legal or standard compliance, etc. (e.g. importers of car parts from Asia)
  • Certification audits covering quality, energy, information safety or environmental management systems and many others,
  • Quality testing and certification of car cosmetics, car components (e.g. lighting, electrical and electronic), CCC certification,
  • Transportation and loading safety systems inspections,
  • Trainings prepared and conducted by our experts covering management systems, VDA standards and OEM’s requirements, as well as data protection and cybersecurity.

DEKRA also provides vehicle registration inspections, technical opinions, post-accident assessments and used car management with mobile applications and auction platforms.

Safety is the key value that we follow at DEKRA at every stage of our daily operation. Our mission is to become the Global Partner for a Safe World.