Jarosław Mroczek

Jarosław Mroczek
Project Delivery Director, Dunning, Kruger & Associates, Wroclaw, Poland

Dunning, Kruger & Associates is a people and culture-driven company. We get excited about complex problems that cannot be solved without business understanding, design thinking and creative engineering. Our mission is to combine data, design and technology to create inspiring products and services that improve the quality of life. We build products people want to use and businesses want to own. We call this Minimum Viable Magic™.

Jarosław Mroczek is a Project Delivery Director at DK&A connecting the worlds of business, design and software engineering whilst keeping his focus on technology and craftsmanship. Taking care of people, their emotions, and personal growth. Building a strong relationship based on trust and respect for both customers and teams.

Mroczek is a software design & engineering professional with over 14 years of experience in different roles starting from software engineering and technical leadership to project and product management and the management of programs and portfolios. In his professional career Mroczek has delivered solutions for such customers like HERE Technologies, BlackBerry, Disney and HP. He is heavily focused on R&D in the automotive industry, especially In-Vehicle Infotainment systems such as Android Automotive.

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