Marcell Vollmer SAP Speaker Interview

Marcell Vollmer SAP Speaker Interview

by Marketing May 22, 2019
Marcell Vollmer SAP

Marcell Vollmer SAP Speaker Interview – Wroclaw

Why are you speaking at the Automotive Tech Summit?

Automotive is one of the most disrupted industries right now. Electric cars are transforming the way we drive and get deliveries. Companies are entering the self-driving cars market, which have never before produced any cars or even were active in the automotive industry. This industry transformation excites me to speak and show some of the latest trends and discuss it with the audience.

Why do you think such an event is important to the industry?

To connect, network and to share best practices are always key for industry events. Even more importantly is to network with industry leaders.

What will you be speaking about / contributing to the event?

My topic is: What’s the future of automotive? Disruptive technologies impacting and transforming the industry

What is the most challenging issue currently affecting the automotive industry?

Electrification and evolution of self-driving cars / autonomous vehicles accompanied with the next level of Artificial Intelligence

What do think the future holds?


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Dr. Marcell Vollmer, Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, SAP Ariba, Germany

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