Viktor Diordiiev

Viktor Diordiiev

Blockchain professional experienced in private/public blockchain solutions with tokenized/token-free models in automotive and other fields.

With Arweave we develop a novel data storage blockchain protocol, enabling a permanent serverless web. Our solutions suit private users and corporate partners of all sizes. Based in London and Berlin, we completed Techstars Berlin acceleration program in 2018.

At Shelf.Network we created a decentralised blockchain-based platform that enables cross-marketplace listing and auctioning of cars and other assets. We won Blockshow Europe 2018 with €50k prize, Frontier Innovation Awards with $500k investment line, and best startup at Automechanika Frankfurt 2018.

I also worked at Allianz headquarters in Munich, focusing on insurtech. In 2016, I won the 1st-ever blockchain-based auction.

PhD candidate in Business Economics and Management, also holding 2 master and 2 bachelor degrees in Finance, Economics, and Business from the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Germany.